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Indoor Air Quality. Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency.

Building Science. Fine Craftsmanship.

  • Be Smart with Indoor-Air

    Building new is a huge opportunity for healthier, indoor-air-quality. Many construction details influence the health of indoor-air. We always include balanced outdoor-air ventilation, account for indoor pollution sources, and recommend materials meeting the needs of the chemically sensitive. Smart indoor-air-quality is the most important measure for health in your home, and we are among the most important builders to choose for this hidden level of quality.

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  • Building Science Craftsmanship

    Much like indoor-air, building science works mostly hidden, behind the finishes and surfaces that we touch and see. Modern levels of insulation demand more air-sealing to be effective and better weather barriers, to resist water damage and moisture problems. Our blogs and articles highlight important hidden craftsmanship including; rain-screens, passive-solar-design, and water-resistant window installations. Hire us as a builder or use our knowledge for consulting, to tap a flourishing world of building science research.

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  • Pushing the Building Envelope

    The building envelope is the air/thermal/weather barrier to the ground and outside world. It has many dissimilar parts with penetrations, transitions and important connection details. Little things add up to a big picture affecting indoor-air, energy costs and durability in the form of reducing maintenance. Our record-breaking blower door results prove, we take the building envelope seriously, and can achieve high performance results on a budget. Most builders only promote quality and craftsmanship on the surface level, we believe true measures include what lie beneath.

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  • Springtime Cottage Plans

    Most of our custom building projects include architects and designers. We created the Springtime Cottage as a small Passive-Solar-Design, adaptable to different building sites. Master-on-main with ADA accessibility, 3bed/2bath, and aesthetics fitting for most neighborhoods. Its easily modified for personal needs and challenging building sites. A good fit for those seeking passive-solar simplicity in a traditional and attractive architectural form.

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featured project

This design by architect Gregory Saxon, follows the contour of a steep ridge overlooking the Ivy-river valley. The north-facing design still manages to meet passive solar critera with clever placement of high SHGC windows.

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meet brian

Brian Knight, owner and manager of Springtime Builders, has a long history in both construction and environmental pursuit.  Mr. Knight is unique as a builder in the area to have a college education in building and construction with many years of work experience for luxury and production builders. 

Degrees held include Business, Construction Management & Technology and Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University with Magna Cum Laude honors. Brian has managed projects in the construction industry since 2001. Before starting Springtime in 2008, Brian served as a production manager for a builder in Greenville SC, a luxury home builder in Asheville and a developer in Hendersonville.

Brian's passion for better building is grounded in achieving the client's goals and vision. "Customer satisfaction is the ultimate performance achievement."


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  • 3 Forms of Solar Energy For Homes and Buildings
    August 27

    The 3 usual methods of using the sun for energy in our homes and buildings.

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  • Combustion Inside the Living Space
    August 22

    A builder concerned about indoor-air-quality, highlights risks of combustion appliances inside living spaces.

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